FarmVille new free gifts: Mango Tree, Azaleas, Ginkgo Tree, Floral Container, Mangrove Tree, & Dutch Rabbit

Tonight, June 15th, 6 new free gifts were added! Free gifts as usual are available via the Free Gift tab and can only be sent to your FarmVille Neighbors.

The new gifts include:

* Mango Tree - Level 40
* Azaleas - Level 50
* Ginkgo Tree - Level 60
* Floral Container - Level 70
* Mangrove Tree - Level 80
* Dutch Rabbit - Level 90

FarmVille Azaleas Giftable

FarmVille Ginkgo Tree Giftable

FarmVille Floral Container Giftable

FarmVille Mango Tree Giftable

FarmVille Dutch Rabbit Giftable ( Exclusive)

FarmVille Mangrove Tree Giftable ( Exclusive)

These new gifts are available only for upper level players to send, are you able to gift them to your neighbors?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.

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