Darryl Strawberry Slides Into Manhattan Party Pad

Darryl Strawberry is moving to Manhattan, apparently to tend to his sports-themed restaurant in Queens which sources say is slated to open this summer.

After one-upping Donald Trump this spring on "Celebrity Apprentice" and firing himself from the show on grounds of exhaustion, the former all-star Yankees and Mets hitter signed a one-year lease for a 1,050 square-foot, two-bedroom apartment in the swank highrise, Ohm.

Is Strawberry really exhausted? His pick of lodging choices points to "No. "The Ohm was erected on the outskirt of Chelsea's nightlife, and despite it's Zen-inspired name, has been targeting affluent, vivacious 20- and 30-somethings by pitching a sound stage in the building's lobby atrium for exclusive, resident-only concerts. The Knitting Factory, a local bar known for its impressive roster of musical acts, has been hired to do the concert schedule.

Since Strawberry is said to have leased an upper-floor apartment, noise may not be an issue, but just below him are the temptations to do anything but rest. The pimped-out lobby boasts a 50-foot ceiling, walls lit by florescent lighting, a four-story atrium and two large television monitors which, the New York Times reports, may be used for televising sporting events.

According to the Times, Douglaston Development, the team behind Ohm, has assigned a $60,000 year-long budget to operate concerts for the residents in this lobby space twice a month. So far, Nicole Atkins has picked her guitar here and D.J. Spooky set up his turntables in the atrium in April. This complies with the building's house party plans to have a d.j. spinning on certain nights.

Clearly this building was not made for the exhausted. Famed New York party spots like Marquee, Suzie Wong, and Bungalow 8 are all short walks away. If that doesn't do it for the slugger, each unit features a safe, which comes in handy if Strawberry wants to take the party to his place. He can even hide his recreational stash during parties in plain sight. "Every medicine cabinet has a keyed lock box for pharmaceuticals," said Douglaston chairman Jeffrey E. Levine to the Times. "Viagra, Vioxx, Vicodin -- nobody needs to know but you."

Our guess is that Strawberry was tired of The Apprentice, not suffering from fatigue. We're calling his bluff. Why else would he want to move here?

For those interested in living floors below a baseball legend:

The 34-story luxury rental building is made up primarily of studio, one and two bedroom units. Prices for available units start at around $2,500 for an alcove studio, and $3,715 for a two-bedroom. And apparently, despite marketing tactics on the part of Ohm developers to sell the buildings amenities to target merry-making residents, the units themselves have certain merits like floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the Hudson River for those on higher floors. Other amenities like a two-floor, 2,100 square-foot gym, an arcade with games like Centipede and Scramble, and a lounge area with billiards and card tables are all included in the rent.
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