Census Layoffs Coming Down the Line

The census man cometh, but not for your household survey: He is coming for your job if you are among the temporary workers affiliated with the Census Bureau. June will mark the beginning of an estimated 275,000 layoffs at the Census Bureau due to the fact that the census is drawing to a close and the 525,000 temporary workers that were hired for employment from March through May will no longer be needed.

In a June 15 blog post, Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves subtly alluded to the ensuing mass layoffs at his organization, saying that the "end of operations is looming near."

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Additionally, Groves dedicated his blog post to the outstanding team of temporary workers employed at the bureau for this past decennial census collection, calling them "among the best labor force in a decennial census in decades."

In closing, Groves thanked the team of temp workers for their efforts, wishing them well as they move on. "On behalf of the full Census Bureau family, I thank you for your service to the country, and I wish you well in the next steps in your careers. I hope some of the experiences you had during this massive, complicated, messy effort will provide knowledge that makes you a better employee in your next endeavor. Thank you again."

Madeline Schnapp, investment research director of macroeconomic research for TrimTabs, was quoted in the California Job Journal earlier this week as telling the public that these mass layoffs at the Census Bureau are just a " momentary blip" in the nation' s economic recovery and not an indication that the economy is suffering new setbacks of some kind.

"Investors shouldn't let the headline job-loss number mislead them," Schnapp commented. "Job growth is likely to be sharply negative because the Census Bureau is laying off temporary workers, not because the economy is weakening dramatically."

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