YoVille Group Buying: purchase YoCash items for YoCoins

We gave you a little preview of YoVille's new Group Buying feature already, and tonight they have rolled this new feature out live to the world. Group Buying allows you to opt in to receive YoCash items for YoCoins, and a discount of 50%. In order to get the discount, 100,000 people need to opt-in to this discount. If that many people sign up, you will receive an email letting you know that you're eligible to make a purchase at a discount. The available items in this first round of Group Buying are:

Enchanted Animated Fountain - 500 coins, formerly 12 YoCash
Enchanted Hot Springs - 600 coins, formerly 12 YoCash
Luxury Min Pin Plush - 400 coins, formerly 6 YoCash
Yolex - 500 coins, formerly 10 YoCash
Black Hobo Purse - 350 coins, formerly 7 YoCash

As of this writing, just over 58,000 people have already signed up for this offer. It will expire in 22 hours, so make sure to visit the promotion's page, sign up, and then share it to your wall to encourage your friends to join in.

Do you think the YoVille Group Buying offer will get to 100,000 within the time allowed?