Will Google take on iTunes with a music store?

Google prepping to sell tunes?The digital music world now dominated by iTunes may be in for a shakeup this fall if Google joins in with its own music service. CNET is reporting that the search engine giant could launch a music service that offers song downloads and streaming music.

Google's global communications and public affairs director Gabriel Stricker tells WalletPop in an e-mail today that Google gave a few "sneak peeks" of music applications for the Android operating system during its developer conference last month. Google says it plans to use the company Simplify Media -- which it recently acquired -- to allow a consumer's music library to stream on the Android phone.
"We didn't share any further details on product features or expected launch dates, and so for now we don't have anything to add beyond what was in the keynote," Stricker said in the e-mail.

Google already provides a search for songs by artist, song or lyrics that includes links to its partner sites -- MySpace and Lala -- where a consumer can buy the mp3 download.
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