Wild Ones offers premium membership for monthly fee

Wild Ones premium membership
Wild Ones premium membership

In a bold and surprising move, Playdom's popular social game Wild Ones has announced a premium subscription option. This new membership requires a monthly fee of 99 Facebook Credits (roughly $9.90 USD) and provides many benefits over being a free member. This is of course, completely optional, but does make a lot of sense if you're someone who has spent a little bit of real life cash in Wild Ones. Let's take a peek at the benefits:

  • Premium "Members Only" items - Can you imagine having exclusive items that your friends don't have?

  • 50% experience to leveling - This is a huge benefit. If you can level up 50% faster for becoming a member, this is a huge incentive to join the membership fee.

  • Increased coin earnings - For anyone who is stuck slowly grinding away coins, this may be a way to get them quicker.

  • Buy premium items with coins - If this is what it sounds like, you would be able to buy items that are typically priced in Facebook Credits, for coins.

We're not sure what to think. On one hand, one thing that sets Facebook games apart from other forms of gaming entertainment is their free-to-play nature. While this is optional, this could definitely upset some folks because anyone who pays will have a substantially better gaming experience. We think $9.99 is quite the hefty price as well, especially when compared with large scale immersive MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft. On the other hand, this could be a great option for traditional game players who would rather pay a flat fee to enjoy all the content rather than paying for items a little at a time.

As expected, players on the official Wild Ones forums are irate. What do you think about this new membership fee?