Target sells soccer shirts with flag of Franco's fascist Spain

Franco's flag ends up on Target soccer shirtsAmong the many clothing options and memorabilia for the 2010 World Cup at Target, there was one item that sood out. A soccer shirt honoring the nation of Spain actually displayed the former flag of Spain that was used under the tumultuous regime of General Francisco Franco, a ruthless dictator who ruled after the civil war until his death in 1975 and is known for human rights violations. The Fascist flag was used in the late 1970's and reminded outraged customers of the murderous times in Spain.

Target has since pulled the line of controversial shirts. Customers can return the shirt for a full refund. The shirt is not an official in-house brand of Target, but customers expressed their discomfort of the presence of such an image in the aisles of Target. A company spokesperson officially apologized for any offense.
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