Social City: Host your own World Cup with a Limited Edition stadium

Social City World Cup Stadium
Social City World Cup Stadium

Not since May, have we seen a piece of Social City Limited Edition real estate as large (a 3x3 grid) and with such high stats as this new World Cup Stadium. Because stats-wise, it's a clone of the discontinued Football Stadium, sharing the same numbers of an amazing 60,000+ Happiness Points, and earning 10,000 Coins every 2 days. But the Football Stadium went for 69 City Bucks and this one is being sold for 65 CB. Rounding up, and going by the smallest price package currently being offered (55 City Bucks for $4.99 USD), that's about $9 USD.

This stadium will be around while supplies last, and there are still currently 17,627 buildings left at the in-game store. You can find it by clicking the "News" icon of the folded newspaper in the game. If you happen to miss this, Social City's new Gala Raffle feature can give you the opportunity of nailing this stadium for a much lower price, but that'll be long after this stadium's gone, and only if you get lucky.