Six Flags, Walmart to offer $99 Walmart Family Days

Six Flags and Walmart are teaming up to offer customers $99 Family Days, a special promotion that includes four tickets to Six Flags' theme parks and discounts on food, drinks and other activities.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout June, Walmart shoppers will find the special promotion code on store receipts and must type the code in on Confirmation will then be sent to shoppers via email.

Six Flags estimates
that the package will save a family $120 per day based on average ticket prices and the discounts included in the package. In addition, Six Flags is offering "Walmart Wednesdays Rise and Ride" in which customers who hold Family Days promotional tickets get an extra hour of rides in the morning.

The promotion should turn out to be a win-win deal for both companies. Six Flags has faced some financial difficulties, while Walmart is trying to boost sales in a sluggish economy. Shoppers are always on the lookout for bargains, but we also like to have fun. This promotion combines both.

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