Show your support for South Africa in Island Paradise


Island Paradise is really going all out for the FIFA World Cup 2010. So far, the popular island farming game has released avatar costumes, a World Cup trophy, and flags to represent the different countries - and now they've added to this collection with a pair of items to honor South Africa. South Africa is where the World Cup is held this year, so it's only fair to show support to the nation for hosting the gigantic sporting event.

Available in the Island Shop are two new items for coins, a set of Djembe Drums, and a Zulu Shield. Djembe Drums are a very popular drum in Africa, intended to be played with the bare hands. You can have your own set in Island Paradise at level 10, for 1,500 coins. Zulu are the largest tribe in South Africa with 10-11 million people, and you can have a Zulu Shield for 5,000 coins (if you're level 13 or above).

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