Show off your Treetopia talents with new leaderboard

Treetopia Leaderboard
Treetopia Leaderboard

Treetopia released something pretty integral to the game in the form of a new leaderboard screen. This leaderboard updates every 7 days with new information about who the top Treetopia players are at any given time. There are three separate leaderboards, one for "Likes", one for "XP, and one for "Quests Done". When you visit a friend's Treetopia, you are given the option to click "like" on that Treetopia. Likes are a pretty good indicator that someone has done a good job of decorating and growing their tree.

On the leaderboard, you are also given the option to go see these different leaders. We think this is pretty neat, because if you've ever wanted to see what a level 39 player's Treetopia looks like - now you can. The top player currently has 38,000 quests completed! We're not sure how that's possible, but that is one dedicated Treetopia player.

In addition last week, new soccer items were added to Treetopia, and a new newspaper screen now displays all of the latest news. Check out the screenshot below to see what a max level player's Treetopia looks like.