Roommate Rental Nightmares: Stoner/Drinker, Slave Cuckold, and Free Rent With 'No Catch'

Ready for more roommate nightmares that only Craigslist can give you? Scenarios so twisted we couldn't even dream them up. Today we have a stoner/drinker/sexpot who will let you live in a room that feels like a boat, a wonderful slave cuckold situation, and two men who most likely will look through your stuff when you're not there.

Read on to find out about all these scenarios and more....Los Angeles $1 You Can Stay Cheap!!! (Female Only)
I have a shared room situation that does not involve sex. Though I am a straight guy,
I have no problem living alongside female(s). Guys are somewhat territorial so one
condition would definitely be no male visitors.

Our Take: This guy will certainly look through all your stuff when you are not there.

Los Angeles Looking for a Female Roomate- NO RENT!
No! My Motive isn't just sex and I'm not seeking a date. I'm a retired ad agency executive, single, living in a great condo complex.

Frankly, I'd like some female company who is a better conversationalist than my one small cat. I'm looking for a young woman (18 to 35) who might be short on money and needs a nice place to stay without having to pay rent. Your background isn't important to me. I don't care about your yesterdays. No questions asked. It'll be a great opportunity to 'save up' some meaningful cash.

Our Take: Do you like your stuff looked through when you are not there? Then this is the guy for you. Ladies, expect never to have a boyfriend while living here.

BBW GODDESS Looking for TRUE SUB SLAVE To serve me and Live in with me and pay at least half the rent.

I am looking for a TRUE SUB SLAVE to serve me and cook for me, clean for me, do my nails, makeup and more intimate things once a connection is established. I am not talking sex but more like massages, foot rubs, sensual touch for my pleasure and things like this.

I Also dominate men on the phone and sometimes online so You would of course be around for that. For the right SLAVE CUCKOLD TYPE this would be a a very exciting opportunity to safely explore your fantasies with discretion that you desire.

I am Very Spiritual and have a Strong Dominating Energy that will Thrill you if you Let it in. To be my Slave Sub you would have to be a spiritual type, conscious with a VERY DEEP NEED TO SERVE ME THIS WAY.

If your not real not interested and dont waste my time. If you are then write me and let me know why you are the Live in Slave for me.

Our Take: Sounds like I'd also be a slave to high rent. I wonder what happened to this BBW Domina Goddess's last slave cuckold roommate? Was he not slave-y enough and got the boot off the island?

Smoker, drinker, stoner. Very sexual and active sex pot. Been around most all the blocks. Always on the hunt for a cool girl pal who is enlightened and sexually enlightened. I have a room to rent. It's a funky but cool set-up, tight quarters; a studio with an extra bedroom; it's like living on a boat. It's fun and funky. Very popular hang. I keep very late hours; work from home. I am mildly entertaining. Interested?

Our Take: Well, if it's like living on a boat then I'm in. But what if the boat is the SS Titanic? Would the band play on as the ship goes down with this smoker, drinker, stoner?

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