New York's Squatters Approach Permanent Housing Rights

loft law passed squatters
loft law passed squatters

New York's Legislature recently voted to make the often-extended Loft Law permanent. With the governor expected to sign that bill, loft tenants will have the state's support in battling unfair rent hikes and possible eviction. From Lower Manhattan to the Bronx, artists living in commercial and manufacturing spaces would be ensured that housing standards will apply to their once-illegal dwellings, but would this encourage the practice of squatting?

A recent Rented Spaces story told you about the increase in a new breed of squatters around the U.S. Squatters that were once down-on-their-luck artists are now coming from every sector -- it seems the down-on-your-luck theme has expanded.

Will this new law encourage more squatting to get good real estate, or is it just righting things in New York by helping create and maintain more affordable housing where it's rapidly disappeared?

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