Neighborly Revenge With the 'Dear Girls Above Me'

dear girls above me
dear girls above me

Bad neighbors should be avoided at all costs, since there are so many ways that living beside strangers in the close quarters of an apartment building can go wrong: hearing the awkward sounds of copulation; inadvertently catching late-night arguments in which you shouldn't be involved; smelling the consequences of a disregarded room.

But as with most things, you can find a silver lining -- if you pay enough attention.

Charlie McDowell, president and CEO of Cloudbreak Productions, saw an opportunity in launching witty, hilarious and engaging website called "Dear Girls Above Me," which originated on his Twitter account, @charliemcdowell, earlier this year. On his site and Twitter feed resides a collection of his brief letters to two effusive, oblivious girls who live in the Los Angeles apartment above him.

McDowell talked with RentedSpaces about the inspiration for "Dear Girls Above Me" and the response it's gotten, and offered some advice to readers who have bothersome neighbors.