Kathy Myers shot herself for healthcare

Like many Americans today, Kathy Myers is unemployed. She worked for a hazardous waste-removal company, and now joins the more than 1.2 million Michigan residents without health insurance. Due to an excruciating pain in her right shoulder, Myers took it upon herself to make matters worse by shooting the same shoulder simply in order to receive immediate health care.

The pain started when Myers was walking her 80-pound Golden Lab. When her Chihuahuas picked a fight, the Golden Lab leaped forward tugging his leash forward and causing Myers to injure her rotator cuff.

Myers endured one month of severe shoulder pain before she'd had enough. Uninsured and unemployed, Myers made what she calls a "rational choice."

She grabbed her in-laws' gun, placed two ice packs on her right shoulder, a pillow near her neck, and shot downwards straight into the source of pain -- the rotator cuff. Mission accomplished: Myers woke up in the ER being treated for both a gunshot wound and a torn rotator cuff. She was given some anti-inflammatory drugs and sent right back home. Myers is now in greater pain and might even stand before a judge for shooting a weapon within city limits.

Neighbors stated that Myer's actions were drastic. She made a statement about the ongoing problems of the uninsured, but was the pain worth it?