How one woman is making the transition from corporate to entrepreneur


Meet 45-year old Zena Martin.She spends her days working full-time as a marketing communications consultant for large corporations and public entities.

At night, she bakes. As "Chief Cookie Creator" of Cookieluscious, the made-to-order cookie company she founded last year, her goal is to one day become a full-time entrepreneur.

As Martin diligently moves toward her goal of becoming an international premium cookie company, she offers the following advice to other women who are in the midst of making a career transition:

Love what you do
"You have to love what you do or it's not worth doing because you make so many sacrifices along the way," says Martin.While she has spent her entire career in marketing (more than 20 years!) and takes pride in her board work (She currently sits on four boards of directors), there's nothing she enjoys doing more than baking."I really like spreading happiness, and putting a smile on people's faces," says Martin, who started the company after doing some thoughtful soul searching, and per the encouragement of her biggest fans: her family and friends.