Fake Doritos coupon warning from Frito-Lay

fake Doritos couponA counterfeit coupon for a free bag of Doritos chips is circulating via e-mail, say Frito-Lay company officials.

The coupon, which the company says it did not create, authorize or distribute, claims the offer is good for a free bag worth up to $5. The company warns consumers to be cautious of e-mails with subject lines such as Doritos Coupon, Frito-Lay Coupon, Free Doritos or Free bag of Doritos.

The fake coupon has been circulating for about a month. It says no purchase is required for the free chips and it doesn't feature a Coupon Information Corporation hologram foil strip under the expiration date. A bar code is located on the right hand side of the coupon. The company has an image of the fraudulent coupon and a legitimate coupon on its website.

fake Doritos couponFrito-Lay has notified retailers and is working with law enforcement to track down the source of the fake coupon. The company says consumers should look for valid coupons and sales in stores, magazines, Sunday newspaper ads and on its website.
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