Wells Fargo changes Wachovia offices in six more states this year


Wells Fargo has announced which Wachovia bank branches will be changed over to its own name this year as it continues to fold the former bank giant into its own brand.

In a Wells Fargo-Wachovia blog post, company social media program manager Doug Caldwell says Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee will be changed over in September. Bank offices in Georgia will be switched in October. Texas and Kansas bank offices are set for the change in July. Wachovia banks in California just switched over to Wells Fargo in April.

Offices in other states, like Pennsylvania, are slated for transition in 2011. So far, Wells Fargo has completed the switch in five states. The changeover has been progressing since Wells Fargo finalized its takeover of Wachovia at the end of 2008.

Consumers can check out a clickable map to see where their state is on the transition time-line.

Changes are happening at Wachovia offices in other states as well, although those are behind the scenes. The Washington Postreports that Wells Fargo has added jobs and moved personnel around in Virginia-area Wachovia branches, as well as overhauling bank technology there.

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