Under the Radar: Time to Buy Regional Banks?


Over the past couple of years, the financial and banking industry has been hammered with a number of regional banks getting hit particularly hard, due to their housing and commercial loan exposure. But Hilary Kramer, editor of GameChangerStocks.com, says that forward looking investors should now take a look at many of these battered companies.

Kramer isn't talking about Goldman Sachs (GS) or Citigroup (C), though she does like the prospects for those big banks. Instead, she is focused on the upside potential for small regional banks that are now recovering. Among her picks: Synovus Financial (SNV) and Citizens Republic Bancorp (CRBC).

Kramer also sees upside potential for another, under-the-radar company: MoneyGram (MGI). A competitor to Western Union, MoneyGram's business is growing and in the following short video, Kramer explains why.