Should Peanuts Be Banned on Planes?

The U.S. Department of Transportation is asking for public comment on a possible ban on serving peanuts on commercial flights.

The Associated Press reports concerns from travelers with allergies have led federal authorities to ask whether there should be peanut-free zones on planes or a ban on peanuts altogether.

Some 1.8 million Americans have peanut allergies, and they can be life-threatening.

The DOT is looking for feedback from allergy sufferers, medical experts, the food industry and others concerned with peanut restrictions.

According to AP, the peanut proposals were listed in the recent 84-page document of DOT's proposed new consumer air traveler protections.

In addition to an all-out ban and a special peanut-free zone, a third option is prohibiting peanuts only when a passenger with an allergy requests it in advance. The Transportation Department is also seeking comment on how peanuts should be handled when brought on by the public rather than distributed as a snack by an airline.

But a DOT spokesman tells AP just because they are asking, doesn't mean any of the bans will actually go into effect.

Photo, EuroMagic, flickr
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