Playfish MIA from Electronic Arts' big E3 press conference

At the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, also called E3, publishers get together to show their wares to the press and other members of the game community. Basically, if you pay attention to this event, you'll have a pretty good idea what big games will be coming out the rest of the year.

So imagine our surprise when we went to the big Electronic Arts press conference, and there was a bunch of hullabaloo over high-action gun toting games such as Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Medal of Honor, Battlefield Bad Company Vietnam, and even a quick nod to EA Sports best-selling Madden football game series, but ne're a mention of FIFA Superstars on Facebook, or any other game that EA's recently acquired social gaming company Playfish might be working on behind the scenes. There's been rumors flying that there will be a Madden or Need for Speed game on Facebook, but nothing was confirmed or denied at today's big press event. What gives, EA?

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