Money Diet, week 23: Trying out the despicable three-day diet


It's day one, and I'm famished. And it's all my fault.

A few weeks ago, one of my editors and I decided we'd take a break from a weekly update of the "Money Diet" and make it a sporadic feature. After all, I'm losing weight at the speed of molasses (yum, that sounds good), and we just thought it might be more interesting to occasionally, vs. every week, see how my diet is going.

The Money Diet is something I concocted at the beginning of the year. I thought that if I added up the money I saved every time I want to buy snacks or junk food but don't, then after awhile, I might have more money and less weight. As it turned out, I did lose about twenty pounds, but then I kind of stalled out. So I didn't feel so bad about taking a break from writing weekly about my diet misadventures and was still happily not snacking and not eating junk food and not losing any more weight until a few days ago when my editor emailed me and asked if I could try "The Three-Day Diet."

I stupidly agreed.