Kayak Explore shows how far your travel budget will take you

You know that scene in every teenage sitcom where the protagonist heads to the local train or bus station with a fistful of dollars and asks the tickets seller, "How far will this get me?" Inevitably it's never enough, but magically close enough. Well, if you want to know how far your limited budget will get you without an extended conversation at the ticketing gate, Kayak Explore has you covered.

The new Kayak Explore feature is a really cool way to see how far you can afford to go on your next trip. To start off, tell Kayak where you will be departing from and how much you can spend on airfare. As you enter this information a globe will unfold in front of you with the destinations you can afford to reach.

Aside from the visual presentation, which is really cool, the Kayak Explore option is a great way to see how big of a difference a small bump in your travel budget can make. Adding an extra $50 to airfare, by cutting back on spending the month before your trip, could move your destination from Anchorage, Alaska to Dublin, Ireland.

Changing your departure city is as easy as entering an airport code and you can use a drop-down menu to choose when you want to fly. If you have a favorite activity or temperature you can also add that into the Kayak Explore tool to narrow travel options. Finally, you can share the map, and the travel choices you have made, with your friends using a built-in tool that makes it easy to find a good travel companion.

Clicking on any of the destinations will give you more details about the trip including the number of stops and the airport you will land at.

It's free to try and even if you aren't planning a trip this summer it's still a really fun way to visualize how far a dollar will take you -- even if it doesn't get you all the way to your true love and a happy ending like it does in the sitcoms.
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