Happy Pets: Own an Apple Tree for Free Daily Coins and XP

Happy Pets Apple Trees in Yard
Happy Pets Apple Trees in Yard
Happy Pets Apple Tree
Happy Pets Apple Tree

Under the "Goods" tab in the Happy Pets store, there's now a "Harvest" category selling an Apple Tree for 3,750 Coins. Purchasing this tree will gain players 300 XP. The tree itself promises to deliver 125 Coins and 25 XP every 24 hours.

Apples Tree can be placed in the rooms and yards, but not in the attic. If you upgrade using coins, then your tree goes "under construction" for that time period. That means you'll miss those daily bonuses. A new leaf icon on the top of your screen will let you know how many trees you're allowed to palce in an area. This amount is determined by the number of pets you're allowed to have.

A great thing about this tree is that it can be upgraded. Upgrading the Apple Tree to Tier 2 requires 7 days and 7,500 Coins. But if you do, then the tree will earn you 250 Coins and 50 XP every 24 hours. There are 4 Tiers to the tree in all. Check out the handy chart below to see the costs and benefits.

Apple Tree Level

Upgrade Cost

Instant Upgrade Cost

Daily Coins & XP Harvest

Upgrade Time

Tier 2

7,500 Coins

36 Facebook Credits

250 Coins & 50 XP

7 Days

Tier 3

11,250 Coins

44 Facebook Credits

375 Coins & 75 XP

9 Days

Tier 4

15,000 Coins

50 Facebook Credits

500 Coins & 100 XP

11 Days