Graduate financial aid keeps students out of job market, and in debt

graduate financial aid
graduate financial aid

With jobs scarce for recent college graduates, many are considering continuing their education and delaying the job search. While a graduate degree will make you more qualified for a higher paying job, you have to get the degree first. And that means more tuition payments. Start applying for graduate financial aid now, before you're buried under a mountain of debt.

An easy place to begin the search for graduate financial aid is with Sallie Mae. There are several loan options for students, regardless of their school or field of study. For those in business, dental, law, or medical school, Sallie Mae also offers graduate financial aid loans specifically for these programs. Make sure to research before deciding on a loan, and don't forget about private loans. Many financial companies like CitiBank and Wells Fargo offer private graduate school loans if you don't want to go through Sallie Mae.

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