FishVille's Gulf Coast Turtle helps Audubon raise awareness and funds in oil spill

FishVille Audubon Society Gulf Coast Turtle
Images of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continue to inspire a great deal of anger and heartbreak, but many people also offer hope by helping clean up the mess left by the spill. Zynga's FishVille and the Audubon Society have paired up this week to raise funds and awareness with their new Gulf Coast Turtle.

The Turtle came out last week and can be found under the "Creatures" tab at the in-game store. This Turtle is only available for the next 4 days. Zynga is promising to relinquish 50% of the Turtle's sales to the Audubon Society and players have the option to pay either 25 or 200 Sand Dollars for it. Sand Dollars can be bought from the "+ Add Sand Dollars" tab on the top of the game window. A set of 25 Sand Dollars cost $5 USD, and while there's no set of 200, you can buy a set of 240 Sand Dollars for $40 USD.
Adopt the FishVille Baby Gulf Coast Turtle
A new Baby Gulf Coast Turtle has also shown up in the game, which can be adopted via Facebook Wall posts, to help spread the word.
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