Dream On! The Coolest Summer Jobs

By Geoff Roth

summer jobsWhen most students look for a job while in school or during the summer, they feel lucky these days if they land anything, even if it slinging fries at the local fast food joint.

But, there are some student jobs out there that are dreams-come-true for the lucky students who can land them.

Earning while driving

Case in point: the businessman in Auckland, New Zealand who advertised for a student to drive him around in his Hummer and Lamborghini while he faced drunk driving charges. Gary Richards placed the ad on a student job search site in Auckland, looking for someone to drive him to business meetings over the summer while he faced the charges. The ad stated that the student needed to be available during business hours Monday through Friday, but could study while waiting for him during his meetings. Not a bad gig!

Underarm income

And speaking of dream jobs, I wrote a story a couple of months ago about the Old Spice internship. Procter and Gamble was looking for two 20-somethings to travel to Europe and to Fiji to help promote a new line of deodorants. Well, they chose one guy from Washington and one guy from Massachusetts who are now heading out to take on several challenges and blog about them on the Old Spice website.

Asleep on the job

And how is this for a dream job, where you actually can dream while you are working. A student in Great Britain landed a job testing out mattresses for luxury bedmakers Simon Horn and Savoir. College student Roisin Madigan was hired to test out different beds and blog about them as part of an advertising campaign. Talk about sleeping on the job!

Pay to play

Of course, some people are willing to pay for a dream summer job. A company called University of Dreams actually charges thousands of dollars, not including expenses, to set students up on great internships in all kinds of fields. You can, for example, get a summer internship working for a major film company in Los Angeles, or work for a fashion house in New York or London. The company has caused some controversy, as people complain that it excludes students without a lot of money from getting great jobs. But, students who have gone through the program rave about the experience they got while working on jobs they got through the company.

So, whether you are willing to pay for it, or put in a lot of time and effort scouring the Internet, there are some incredible summer jobs out there.

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Geoff Roth is a former TV news manager now teaching journalism at Hofstra University. He has hired hundreds of people and counseled both professionals and students as they hunt for jobs. Geoff is chronicling life after TV News at www.nomoredeadlines.com.

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