Boulder's Peleton complex helps residents move by bike

Sometimes truth so closely imitates fiction that you aren't sure what to believe.

That's the case with Jeff Pedelty, purportedly one of the newest residents of a bike-friendly condo development in Boulder, Colo. aptly named "The Peleton." It's not enough that Mr. Pedel - ty (get it?) also seems aptly named. Oh no.

He and a group of friends and acquaintances actually pedaled his stuff the 3.7 miles from his old home to his new one. That included, "a bed, television, cabinets and much more," according to a news release. In the photo of the virtual parade of Pedelty's belongings, the "much more" seems to include a rather large rust-colored couch, something resembling an armchair, some dining room chairs and some shelves.

Of course, even if the whole thing really is a somewhat orchestrated publicity stunt -- after all, Pedelty's real estate company is called Pedal to Properties, offering tours of properties atop cruiser bikes -- it seems like one created by someone with a fanciful imagination.

A videographer taped the caravan for Pedal to Properties, which intends to show it as a documentary at the Boulder Film Festival on June 23 -- which is, by the way, Bike to Work Day in Boulder.

Now that, as they say, is a wrap.