Best barbecue sauce? We grill the house brands


If your Dad's anything like Store Brand Scorecard's, he's a master at the grill. And he's also put down many a pretty penny to send you through school. (Thanks again Pops). So for Father's Day, you may think the nice thing to do is to fire up the charcoal and do the cooking this time, except we all know, Dad included, that you're gonna char the hell out of the damn food!

So why don't you do the next best thing and help pay for the Father's Day cookout. Sure you may not have enough beef in your budget to actually buy beef, but maybe you can fork over some cash for the barbecue sauce. And, as Store Brand Scorecard learned in this week's taste test comparing original flavored sauces, you can find a store brand variety that's better and cheaper than the national brand.