Best & worst grocery stores 2010

The average American consumer makes about two trips a week to the supermarket. Apparently, all of this time spent wandering grocery store aisles has made shoppers certain of what they like -- and don't like -- when it comes to where they fill their carts.

For the fourth time, we asked our readers to tell us which grocery stores they love and which they hate. In this latest edition, we found it was a toss-up on stores like Aldi, Food Lion and Kroger. Depending on location, it seems these three retailers had just as many fans as detractors.

And while none of the stores on our list received a unanimous thumbs-up or thumbs-down, our picks for the Best & Worst Grocery Stores 2010 were the ones that had the strongest leanings one way or the other.

Keep reading to see the top and bottom five, as well as actual quotes from readers.