How To Put Your Resume Online

your resume onlineI came across Emurse long before it became an AOL service and was impressed with it from Day One. Emurse is a simple concept with an easy purpose. Mix the letters of e-m-u-r-s-e up and you get "resume." Quite simply, it is your online resume. Here are 10 things you should know about having your resume online with Emurse:

  1. This is not another social network you have to worry about maintaining, getting poked or spam from or figuring out. It is a one-time set-it-all-up-right system. How often do you need to tweak your resume? That's how often you might consider going into Emurse.

  2. You CAN copy and paste directly from your resume. I caution people to NOT do that with their LinkedIn account, but since Emurse is all about traditional resumes, feel free to simply copy and paste (IF you have a great resume).

  3. Your personal information can be private. Worried about having a home address or cell number on the internet? You should be! In the privacy settings you can hide that information from the general public. You can even require the viewer to use a password to see your resume.

  4. You get a personal URL, like Feel free to put this URL on your business card, LinkedIn Profile, website or blog, email signature, or other places where your contacts might find your resume.

  5. Emurse does the formatting "heavy lifting." If someone asks for your resume in a specific format you can go to to download the format or just point them there. People have the option to get your resume in the most common formats (pdf and doc) as well as many other formats.

  6. You can (and should) have different versions of your resume. Don't worry about the need to recustomize your resume for different jobs: with Emurse you can store different versions of your resume for different job titles, or different company sizes. Emurse becomes the place to keep all of these revisions.

  7. While Emurse is not a social network (see No. 1), it does have some social features to help you stay current with your other contacts. You can tag (group) contacts, get notices when they change information, export contact information and more with Emurse's contact manager.

  8. Emurse is a tool that could be used with other resources. Hire a professional resume writer? No problem! Emurse doesn't replace your resume writer. Find a good resume book? Nothing to worry about -- take the advice from the book and implement it in Emurse.

  9. You can easily change the design and formatting of your Emurse resume. There are various templates to choose from, with names like classic, clean, crisp, elegant, professional, royal, and more. You can also reorder the sections of your resume so something that you need to downplay (education or experience) isn't front-and-center.

  10. Emurse is free. You can do all of the above things at no cost. You can also get access to their questions page (similar to LinkedIn Answers) as well as their job search blog at no cost.

To learn more about Emurse, check out their welcome videos or their Help page, which has a number of questions and answers.

Ready to put your resume in a place that you can access from anywhere on the road? Set up your free Emurse account and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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