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Be a smarter shopper with our tips on what you need to know before entering a home lottery, whether to buy a $1 house, and how to protect yourself against real estate scammers.

See what else was hot on HousingWatch this week:

1. Eleanor Roosevelt's $14M NYC Townhouse Perfect for Bush Twin
Though its decor may recall its famously frumpy former resident, Eleanor Roosevelt's 5-story Upper East Side townhouse could be a perfect fit for the right owner. The house-hunting Barbara Bush, perhaps? Read more.

2. Tina Fey Selling New York Condo for $2.3M
Tina Fey has finally gotten around to listing (at a profit) the Upper West Side condo she vacated last year in favor of bigger digs in the same 'hood. Sounds like the perennially downtrodden Liz Lemon does okay for herself! Read more.
House Raffles for Charity: How to Know What Your Ticket Buys
A house raffle can be a boon both to the winner and to the homeowner, but you need to do your homework before forking over money for a ticket. See our thoughts about what to include on your checklist. Read more.

4. Houses for Sale Cheap: Three Chicago-Area Homes Priced at $1
There's no such thing as a free lunch, but is there such thing as a $1 house? In Geneva, IL there is. But don't start packing just yet -- you'll need to move a bit more than just your furniture before settling in. Read more.

5. Real Estate Fraud: How to Spot a Scam
Even in a down market rife with near-despearate sellers, if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. Learn how to protect yourself against some all-too-common types of real estate fraud. Read more.

6. 15-Year Mortgage Rate Falls Again: Can It Go Any Lower?
Historically low mortgage rates are not only a win for homeowners; they may help smooth out the market dip caused by the now-expired first time buyers tax credit. See which mortgage products have dropped, and which might be right for you. Read more.
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