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Turn your apartment into a high-end photo gallery, then learn to stylishly stash your booze and your baby! It was all here on RentedSpaces this week. See what else we've got for you:

No Outdoor Space? 10 Good Alternatives
Don't let a lack of outdoor personal space stand in the way of your fresh-air fun this summer -- here are 10 ways to enjoy the great outdoors, even in shared and public spaces. Read more.

Home Office: Make Room for Baby -- on a Budget
With a few simple decorating tricks, you won't have to choose between having a nursery and a home office. See how a credenza and a crib can coexist in one stylish space. Read more.

Party Girl: World Cup Global Grub Match
Get caught up in futbol fever as Party Girl handicaps the top teams' national dishes. Will home-field advantage be enough to carry South Africa's Bobotie past Mexico's Guacamole? Read more.

New Apartment Must-Have: Well-Stocked, Stylish Liquor Cabinet
The days of stashing your booze in a kitchen cabinet are long gone, with a stylish and well-stocked bar the new focal point of the modern living room. Check out some cool finds, or even DIY your own. Read more.

Transform Favorite Snapshots Into Stylish Wall Decor
Photos have always been a cheap and easy way to bring some polish and personality to your walls. With this roundup of stylish frames and hangers, it's easier than ever to create your own gallery. Read more.

Best Eco-Cities in U.S.: Honolulu and Minneapolis
Check out the super-green U.S. locales that made it onto a recently published list of Eco-Friendly Cities. Think your hometown should have made the cut? See why it didn't. Read more.

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