Send Lava Mangoes to your friends in Treasure Isle

treasure isle lava mango
treasure isle lava mango

The next installment in the "get everyone incredibly excited for the Fire God Mountain maps" is a new gift available on the Treasure Isle gift page. You can now send friends a new Lava Mango on the gift page. If you hover over this gift, it tells you that it will give 20 energy inside volcanoes.

These new mangoes are ONLY usable inside the Fire God Mountain, and regular mangoes will not be usable within the volcano. Some players have been confused over this, but a moderator on the official Treasure Isle forums has clarified this. These new Lava Mangoes do not have an expiration, so now is a good time to be stockpiling them to work your way through the Fire God Mountain volcano maps once they are released.

Are you getting excited for the new Fire God Mountain?