Quieter ads, safer internet bills head to Senate floor

It's raining consumer riches in the U.S. Senate. Legislation that could make internet experiences a little safer, TV commercials quieter and some cars a little louder all were sent to the Senate floor by the Senate Commerce Committee.

An internet sales tactic that the committee says has left consumers frustrated and cost them $1.4 billion would be banned by one of the bills. Consumers who bought hotel rooms or other products often on travel web sites and office supply web sites were offered a "bonus" of a 30-day membership in a discount buying club. Among the sites that offered the clubs were Priceline, Classmates and Staples.

The committee held hearings in which consumers complained that not until their credit cards were billed for months of club
membership did they learn that accepting the bonus came at a big cost: The web sites transferred their credit card information to the buying club