Pet Society: Set out on an adorable Treasure Hunt for unique items

pet society digging
Earlier this week, Pet Society was hinting at a new feature. All they had released was a silhouetted image of a pet with a shovel. As many fans correctly predicted, the feature was treasure hunting. To go treasure hunting, from your home, click the Hunt for Treasure button at the bottom of your screen and select the Town Forest.

There are a total of 13 items to collect in the Town Forest. Continue reading to see a complete list.
pet society treasure huntingpet society hunt for treasure
Once at the forest, digging functions similar to a game of mine sweeper. If the treasure is more than 2 spaces in any direction from where you dug, it will say nothing found. If the treasure is 2 spaces away it will say, treasure nearby. Finally, if the treasure is one space away from where you dug, you will receive the message: treasure very close. Keep digging to hone in on that buried treasure. It is possible to find four items each session. Don't worry about running out of shovels, you can buy an additional five for 300 Coins.
forest aquariumpet society dinosaur skeleton

The treasures in the Town Woods are as follows:

  • Forest Aquarium
  • Summer Sofapet society treasure hunting
  • Divine Tiara
  • Blue Fossil Shell
  • Pink Monkey Plushie
  • Pink Snail
  • Running Pet Amphora
  • Flower Seed
  • Ancient Wall Painting
  • Ceramic Flute
  • Fish in a Jar
  • Big Stone Dino Fossil (Requires finding all seven parts)
  • Purple Mushroom

Everyone loves finding treasure and now you can carry out your treasure hunt right in Pet Society, no need to head over to Treasure Isle. The best part is: no Playfish Cash required. Head over to Pet Society to hunt for treasure yourself.

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