Kroger recall: Ice cream has potentially dangerous ingredient

Kroger ice cream recallMidwest grocery chain Kroger has issued a recall of some of its ice cream because the labels do not disclose the presence of tree nuts, which can cause serious, even life-threatening problems for someone who is allergic. The ice cream was sold in 17 states.

Tree nuts include cashews, walnuts and pecans -- but not peanuts -- and can produce serious, life-threatening reactions to an allergic person. For someone with such food allergies, the label is the first line of defense.

The FDA's Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act of 2004 requires that the presence of eight major allergens including tree nuts, must be labeled on a food product. An estimated 30,000 people a year end up in emergency rooms due to food allergies.

Though the threat only pertains to those with a tree nut allergy, containers of Kroger Deluxe Chocolate Paradise are being recalled from stores in all of the 17 states in which they are sold. The ice cream is safe for those not allergic to tree nuts.

The ice cream can be returned to any Kroger store for a refund or replacement. Also included in the recall are Jay C, Food 4 Less, Hilander, Owen's, Pay Less and Scott's stores in Illinois and Indiana, but no other stores operated by Kroger under different names.

The ice cream was sold in the following states, according to Kroger: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Kroger, which has been aggressive with its food recalls, also has an alert system that allows the company to notify purchasers of the ice cream if they have a store affinity card.

For more information, call Kroger at (800) 632-6900 or visit the company's recall site.
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