FishVille: Limited time Warhorse and Candystripe Hogfish

FishVille Atlantean Warhorse and Candystripe Hogfish
FishVille Atlantean Warhorse and Candystripe Hogfish

FishVille is absolutely one of the best games at constantly keeping limited time items refreshed in the Store, and always having something new and exciting to buy with Sand Dollars. The two latest limited time specialty items are the Atlantean Warhorse and the Candystripe Hogfish.

The Atlantean Warhorse is part of the huge Atlantis theme and is a red-colored variation of the previous Atlantean Seahorse. This unique looking seahorse doesn't come cheap though - it will cost you a hefty 18 Sand Dollars. Luckily, FishVille just made a major change that prevents any premium Sand Dollars fish from dying. At 18 Sand Dollars, this boy better be awfully gorgeous! He is available for the next 4.5 days.

The Candystripe Hogfish is indeed a real type of fish, generally found in the Pacific Ocean (and in saltwater reef aquariums around the world). This limited edition fish costs 12 Sand Dollars and will be available for just about a week.

What is your favorite premium fish in FishVille?

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