FarmVille Scam: Industrial Plantation 66×66 Land Expansion Scam

farmville land expansion plantation scam
There is a new FarmVille scam on FaceBook. This scam promises to offer a "free" 66 x 66 Farm Expansion titled the "Industrial Plantation".

Before you click on any links or join any such groups, please use your common sense and think about how they would actually give you a land expansion for free. Not only is the offer NOT associated with FarmVille or Zynga, we all know that Land Expansions (of any size, even unreleased) are not giftable or sendable, so the logistics of this scam would never work.
farmville scam
If you would like to check the resource of misleading FaceBook newsfeed notices like these especially those that offer free items, simply right click on the image and "View Source" or "View Page Info". Real FarmVille newsfeed postings or shares can be identified by the referring URL that should start like this:


From FarmVille Freak Mark:
"One of my neighbors posted a link which I was very doubtful of from the beginning, but went to just on the off chance it wasn't a lie. It was unfortunately a lie. Hardly surprising. It's from Gamesecrets and promises you can get the 66×66 Industrial Plantation by clicking their link.

After allowing the application access to your information you get a congratulations screen that says click here for your 66×66 farm! Sounds too good to be true? It is. You get a survey! Well I got a message saying there were no surveys for my country. I'm sure if there were any way to get a 66×66 farm, Zynga would have told us about it already. Just thought I'd pass this on so others don't waste their time!" -FarmVille Freak Mark
Thanks for sharing this info with us FarmVille Freak Mark. Remember, that if a new farm expansion were available you would hear it here first, on FarmVille Freak!

What recent FarmVille related scams have you seen?

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