Soccer Games on Facebook: Which One Should I Play?

soccer games on facebook
The 2010 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and we're finding it impossible to contain our excitement. As a result, we've been searching endlessly for a great soccer game to get into on Facebook. Being the most popular sport in the world, you'd think more game developers would try to engage the passionate audience.

Despite the shortage in games, we're here to give you the low-down on the five biggest soccer titles on Facebook. We've put the games to the test. Continue reading to see which footie games made the cut.

premier football facebook

Premier Football

- Matches are presented with news ticker style commentary.
- Players use their friends to fill up their roster.
- Complete sponsorship deals to make big money.
- Players can upgrade their stadium to bring in more fans.
- Select tactics to use during the games.

No. Premier Football is one of the many Mafia Wars clones that simply uses the same system with a new theme (soccer) pasted on top. You don't actually get to play during matches and are forced to read text updates describing the action on the pitch. The outcome is entirely dependent on your stats, forcing players to focus on training. Unfortunately, training is extremely expensive and will eventually push players to consider the advertiser sponsorship deals and their rewards. Simply put, there are better soccer games out there that are more fun and more interesting to look at.

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epic goal facebook

Epic Goal

- Fun, easy and compelling gameplay that lets players influence the outcome of the match.
- Training system that requires the player return to make sure the training is remembered (like withering crops in FarmVille).
- Players use their friends to create a roster.
- Set a formation and strategy based on team talent.
- Buy Epic and Boost upgrades to give your team the edge.
- Play friendlies against Facebook friends for daily experience and coins.

Recommended: Yes! Epic Goal is the perfect balance of fun and complexity. Outside the match, players can train using a straight forward system to gain an edge over rivals. During matches, soccer players will run routes automatically, and whenever possible, the player will be prompted to pass, tackle and shoot (pictured above). Although players don't have complete control over their team's actions during the game, the player is still involved with every clutch play or embarrassing misstep. This makes every victory satisfying and makes Epic Goal quite possibly the best soccer game on Facebook.

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bola facebook


- Player is given full control of their team during matches through awkward control scheme.
- Temporary training system. Buy upgrades that eventually expire.
- Hire different coaches to unlock new formations and strategies.
- Send gifts such as fans, upgrades and items. to Facebook friends.

Recommended: No. Using the arrow keys to move, the space bar to switch player, A to pass and S to shoot, Bola tried to make a fully playable, action-packed Facebook soccer game. While they meant well, they didn't deliver. The game is awkward and frustrating. I consider myself quite the soccer gamer and I struggle to get the ball down the pitch skillfully. Beyond that, the game uses a similar style of management to the other soccer games, and uses purchasable temporary boosts rather than permanent training in order to give players a limited advantage over opponents. However, in the end, Bola revolves around it's core gameplay, and because it could use some improvement, the game suffers the same outcome.

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fifa superstars facebook

FIFA Superstars

- Matches are reliant on stats and are shown using non-interactive cutscenes.
- Players can fill their roster with hundreds of real world stars.
- Challenge your friends daily to gain extra experience and coins.
- Send mystery gifts containing players, coins and more.
- Straightforward training system makes has players keeping their team in top form.

Recommended: Yes! Despite not being able to actually play during matches, FIFA Superstars boasts something the other games don't: production value and quality. After putting in a few games, your only complaint will be that you simply can't get enough of FIFA Superstars. Players need match credits to play games and unfortunately, only one credit is replenished every six hours. Team management and strategy is fluid, and new players can be bought in packs like playing cards. Buying a new set is always exciting, you never know what famous footie stars you'll get. Like all Facebook soccer games it has short comings, but after giving it some time I can definitely say that I'm hooked and I expect you will be too.

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winning goal facebook

Winning Goal

- Watch 5 on 5 matches play out from a top down perspective.
- With each victory, open a mysterious prize box containing powerups, players and more
- Scout, recruit, fire and manage real players from all over the world.
- Bet on matches to earn extra cash.
- Manager tasks such as daily goals and achievements can be completed for bonus rewards.

Recommended: Perhaps. Similar to FIFA Superstars and Premier Football, Winning Goal puts players in the position of team manager. Once they've set their strategy, players can only look on as the action unfolds. Although the visuals are more appealing than Premier Football's, the quality of FIFA Superstars is far superior. Nonetheless, a number of cool features such as betting and scouting make this a football game worth checking out.

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