Don't Think DIY Decorating Is Manly? Think Again

DIY for guysWhen you hear the acronym DIY ("Do-It –Yourself" for those uninformed) it's more likely to be connected with a name like Martha (as in Stewart) than Marty.It's a fair statement that the world of home crafting has been dominated by the female gender.But that's changing. Just ask Chris Gardner, creator of Man Made, a DIY site that proclaims itself a source of "creativity and the handmade life for the postmodern male."

Gardner, who created Man Made with the folks behind the home improvement web community site Curbly, explains that he got into writing about hand-crafted projects out of necessity."I began online writing about DIY with my first apartment," he says. "I hated it and I wanted to find ways to make it better."

Gardner explains that when he went looking for projects and help that were suited for his gender, he couldn't find any. "There weren't a lot of resources available to me as a male."

"I don't think my generation has too many gender stereotypes," Gardner said when asked why he feels there's no longer a gender barrier for DIY. He explains: "If someone would say that a home décor project isn't masculine, then I'd appeal to one's desire to have a positive impact on their life. It's your home, it's your space. Make it the best, most relaxing and inspiring space you can. Men and women in the United States are affected by what surrounds them, and what they consume. Those who do DIY projects are those who are willing to affect them back."

To get started, Gardner recommends finding something you need and learning how it's made, picking up the needed tools and materials as you go. He also suggests using the holidays as an opportunity to create things for people you love, as well as school and work projects to hone your creative skills."Always be on the lookout for inspiration in literature, film, and music," he says."And I know it's cliché, but do take risks. Always try a project a step bigger than you feel comfortable." And he added: "Always wear proper safety gear. Please."

Hey guys, want to get started with on some DIY ASAP? Here some projects Chris recommends:

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