Country Story embraces Roman architecture with My Empire items

My Empire Roman Themed Country Story Items
My Empire Roman Themed Country Story Items

It's rather common in Facebook games to see a developer releasing items in one game that take on the theme of another game of theirs. Tonight, Playfish has done this very thing by releasing a small set of My Empire themed items in Country Story. Roman items on a farm? Not too far fetched actually - Roman architecture is used to influence many different styles of buildings. And who would turn down beautiful Roman columns? Certainly not us. Here is the list of the new limited time My Empire decorations.

Cupid Statue - 20,000 coins
Lion King - 60,000 coins
Roman Archway - 5,000 coins
Roman Fence 1 through 6 - 5,000 coins each

The most interesting piece here is certainly the Lion King, which is a previous little lion with a shield riding a cute horse. We're not sure exactly how it will fit in our farm atmosphere, but hey - it's cute. At this point in time we're not sure if more My Empire themed items are coming or how long these limited time decorations will last. Hop on over to Country Story and check them out.

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