Burger King running out of pork ribs for special promotion


Here's a Whopper: Burger King introduced pork ribs for one of those "short-time-only" promotions, only to find that it didn't have enough ribs to make it to the end of the promotion. The BK Fire-Grilled Ribs are so popular that the company has said it is going to run out in a matter of days. That means the burger outfit will have to ditch its planned run of commercials showing pigs flying (the idea: that a fast food chain can actually produce a tasty pork rib meal.)

Who knew that the pigs would be flying out of BK stores faster than BK could supply them? Not BK, which recently sold its 10 millionth rib. All of this brings up a question that even those of us who never took a marketing class might ask: Since the ribs are such a hit, why not make them a permanent menu item?