Walmart says it will create 500,000 jobs, but where?

Where are those 500.000 Walmart jobs?
Where are those 500.000 Walmart jobs?

In his speech to shareholders recently, Walmart president and CEO Michael Duke said the retail giant plans on creating 500,000 new jobs in next five years -- but it's not clear where those jobs will be.

Last October, Walmart detailed plans to continue pushing into international markets including China and Brazil. It also said that by the end of fiscal year 2012 about 70% of its stores in the United States would be remodeled.

Then earlier this month Duke told shareholders that Walmart will "need to hire and train a lot of new associates to serve and understand customers. Just over the next five years, we'll create 500,000 jobs around the world." His speech didn't elaborate.

A request for more information on those new jobs wasn't immediately answered by Walmart.

The U.S. Department of Labor says the national jobless rate was 9.7% in May -- that's 15 million people.

The new jobs announcement comes at a time when Walmart is struggling to keep market share as other retail giants, including Target, nip at its heels. In fact, a recent survey reported by WalletPop in May showed shoppers leaning toward Target for better prices and shopping experience.

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