Treasure Isle: What's going on with the new Mysterious Egg?

Treasure Isle Mysterious Egg
Treasure Isle Mysterious Egg

If you logged in to play Treasure Isle tonight, you may have noticed that a mysterious egg has randomly washed up on your island. Once you click "okay" on the initial popup when you first load in to your Home Island, you can then place the Mysterious Egg anywhere on your island. You can then click on the egg and "investigate it" however the only thing that occurs is a window with the following message:

I wonder where to take this to hatch?

We're a little baffled by this, because that's it. There is no further details about what can be done with this egg. Players are trying to buy various items from the Market and place the egg inside to no avail. This truly is a mystery egg, because there does not appear to be any clues whatsoever about what this could be. After it is placed, the egg does occasionally float up and hover over the ground.

Our early prediction is that this egg will be taken to the Fire God Mountain and placed in the circle pictured above in front of the statue. It seems to be the perfect spot for the egg, and it's clear that the Fire God Mountain is coming soon with all of the buzz lately. This is just another fun way that Zynga are growing the anticipation for the new volcano maps, and we can't wait to see what's next.

What do you think the Treasure Isle Mysterious Egg will be used for? Leave your ideas in the comments.