The Elvis Mr. Potato Head makes his stage debut

Elvis with Elvis Mr. Potato HeadAt long last, two of the most famous males of the 20th century are united, as Hasbro and PPW Toys have unveiled an Elvis version of Mr. Potato Head.

One must wonder what the world capacity for Elvis Presley memorabilia is; a representative for his estate told the Commercial Appeal that this will be one of 15,000 licensed products based on The King (and LeBron, you'll never be the king to those who remember Elvis).

This is only the first of a planned series of Elvis Potato Heads, each dressed and equipped to represent his most memorable performances.

A quick perusal of the internet market for Elvis memorabilia uncovered these must-haves for the pompadour crowd: Some of the King's memorabilia is worth some serious cash (but probably none of the above-mentioned items). According to, at a recent auction the denim shirt, pants and yellow shirt Elvis wore for the movie Stay Away Joe sold for $41,434. Another item, the red suede jacket which Elvis wore for the cover shoot for his Jailhouse Rock album, fetched the same price.

Me, I just wish I had $39.99 for an Elvis Deluxe wig; why go Rogaine when you can go rock star?
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