'Bohemian Index' Ranks Your City, but Does It Really Count?

bohemian index
bohemian index

After my first look at The Atlantic's Bohemian Index of U.S. metro cities, I decided to "bohemian" up. The list of cities for both the top and bottom 10 didn't reflect what I expected, so I figured a dictionary would solve the matter.

After looking up the word and how Bohemian Index results are tabulated, I found that the survey doesn't actually chart bohemian types. Not really. It counts artists, writers, etc., living in urban areas, but the group is, well, less bohemian than one would imagine.

While New York City and Los Angeles unsurprisingly top the list, the rest has some shockers -- New Orleans in the bottom 10?! Salt Lake City in the top 10?!

Let's take a look at the index and what others, including actual bohemians, think of it.