Texas woman agrees to stop selling Botox and other prescription drugs

Texas woman agrees to stop selling Botox and other prescription drugsA North Texas woman who unlawfully sold Botox-like injections and other prescription drugs online has agreed to stop as part of a lawsuit settlement with the state.

Last November, the Texas Attorney General sued Laurie D'Alleva and her Mansfield-based business, Discount Medspa and Ontario Medspa, saying they improperly marketed cosmetic enhancement devices and prescription drugs over the Internet.

D'Alleva also posted "do-it-yourself" videos online that showed her applying the Botox-like injections on her face.

The products sold included Dysport and Freeze, which contain botulinum toxin, otherwise referred to as Botox. She also marketed prescription saline solutions and creams, an anti-depressant to lift libido, a hormone for weight loss and the prescription device Restylane, often used to inject in lips.

D'Alleva was selling products only available by prescription or from licensed medical professionals, according to Texas law. Anyone selling Botox-like injections and other prescription drugs must be licensed as well. D'Alleva was not licensed.

In addition, D'Alleva claimed she was a member of the Texas Medical Council, which gave her the authority to sell the drugs. The problem is that the organization doesn't exist.

D'Alleva's case garnered national attention. The ABC show 20/20 featured her last year in a segment about people who resort to at-home cosmetic procedures and the perils of doing that.

The state ended up charging D'Alleva and her businesses with multiple violations of the Texas Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. It also shut down her web sites.

In addition to no longer selling the products, D'Alleva agreed to pay the state $125,000 in civil penalties, attorneys' fees and other costs.
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