Show your true colors with Treasure Isle flags

Treasure Isle Flags
Treasure Isle Flags

Treasure Isle rolled out a set of 34 new animated flags today, and each one will be around for a limited time. These flags come perfectly timed with the FIFA World Cup 2010, and we're sure that isn't a coincidence. You can now represent your homeland (or your favorite team) by purchasing one of these bright and colorful flags. Each flag costs 12 Island Cash, which is definitely not cheap, especially for a simple flag (and let's face it, who wants to fly just one flag? We want a whole mess of flags on our islands). As an added bonus, buying a flag will give you 72 XP.

These flags vary from the United States, UK, and Australia, to more obscure flags such as Turkey and Thailand. They also through in a Zynga logo flag, a Treasure Isle logo flag, and an Earth flag. Not every Treasure Isle release is super exciting, and flags are definitely not a new invention in the social gaming world. Perhaps people will be motivated by the limited time availability, since these flags are only going to be purchasable for the next 5 days.

See the complete collection of the new Treasure Isle flags after the jump.