Maritime Work: Four Shipyard Jobs That Will Have You on the High Seas in No Time

Every ship that sets sails on the high seas depends on the numerous shipyards across the country to keep them operating smoothly.

With shipyards serving as the backbone of the maritime industry, there's no better way to break into the business than working side by side a diverse group of maritime workers. Even though maritime jobs often require prior experience, the shipyard is a good place to start your career since many positions are designed to train workers on what it's like to work on the high seas.

1. Apprentice

Becoming an apprentice is the best way to start off your maritime career. Employers are willing to provide the necessary funds to put you through college while you simultaneously train on-site your chosen craft. The vigorous training program means not only will you receive a quality education and trade skills during your time as an apprentice, but you'll be most likely be hired once you complete the program.

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2. Rigger

A rigger masters the sailing apparatus that keeps the ship operating, which includes being able to manipulate the sail using cordage and spars. Being able to control the sails is not an easy job, but is a necessity for anyone who is looking for a maritime job that will help them break into the heart of the industry.

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3. Painter

A shipyard is responsible for handling the maintenance of the ships, so if you're looking to get a hands-on job that will get you close to all the vessels, then check out painting jobs. A painter is responsible for maintaining the exterior of the vessel, from smoothing surfaces to using chemical solutions.

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4. Crane Operator

Employers are willing to train individuals on how to operate their cranes on the shipyard. Cranes provide repair support to any ships since they are able to carry heavy loads. Proving yourself as a crane operator means showing that you can work with heavy duty, dangerous machinery.

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